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Community Table

Welcome to our Community Table. It’s a gathering place. An occasion for shared food and stories. Each week at MoMa, the table will adapt and grow, and become the market’s centrepiece. So, pull up a pew. Join us at the table.

Stone Soup

You probably know the fable already. It’s part of our cultural DNA. A man enters a village. There’s been a famine, and the community are wary of outsiders. He offers to make enough soup to share with all the villagers. Into a cauldron of boiling water, he drops a stone. Stone Soup, of course, is delicious with cabbage. Potatoes, too, and onions, carrots, mushrooms and all manner of humble ingredients. One by one, the curious villagers add their offerings to the cauldron. From a stone, a community is fed.

Here at MoMa, Stone Soup is on the menu. Our weekly meal will reflect the colourful theme of each market, and local growers will provide each soup’s hero ingredient. The soup will be styled in reusable bowls, reflecting Mona’s ongoing commitment to eliminating trash on site—dickheads, too. You know who you are. Don’t steal our shit! Fancy eco-friendly bowls and cups don’t grow on trees. How ironic.

Over to you: each week, we’re asking you to bring along fresh ingredients from your garden to add to the pot. Or, you can help out with the cooking: shell some peas, peel some spuds, or tell us a tale. In exchange and thanks, you’ll eat for free.

Soup can also be purchased by donation. All funds go to Bridgewater and Gagebrook Community Centres (Jordan River Service Inc).

The soup will be made at 2pm each market day. Alternatively, you can cook the soup for yourself at home; recipes are included below.

Stone Soup Recipes

Green: Pea and Basil>
Pink: Radish and Potato>
White: Zucchini and Bread>
Purple: Beetroot, Apple and Celery>
Turquoise: Ocean Soup>